simon baumfield

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a moving image contains all the words ever written in all the languages ever spoken, a medium of limitless expression.

Who am i ?

Apart from the obvious existential question to whch I may never know the answer I can add the following detail.

I have been shooting for over 30 years. My career has taken me accross the globe, accross genre, accross all kinds of technologies and formats, and pretty much accross all budget levels. I am based in Wellington NZ where I live with my daughter Gala and our cat Bear.

Other things about me: Aquarius, my fave colour is teal and my lucky number is three (3). When I grow up I want to be an Astronaut.








Why me ?

Bloody good question really and I will freely admit I am not the right fit for every project. I dont really enjoy the “Shoot it all now and we will work it out later” style approach although I understand the setting where such techniques are valid, likewise I am not a big fan of being a human tripod but let me rattle off some some positive ideas:

If you are looking for a genuine collaborator who really cares about what we create together, if you want to be in lock step with a DP around questions of tone and style, If you want to be able to speak freely with your collaborators and draw down from many years of experience then it’s possible I could be the right person for your project.

So my pitch to you, if you have read this far. Do you have a compelling project ? If so I would really love to hear from you, I value the chance to work with new people and I relish the opportunities to work with old friends again. If I am not working I will have plenty of time to talk through your requirements and if I can’t help you directly then I am very happy to pass on advice or refer you forwards.

Peace and Love.